Welcome to Jönköpin on June 6th 2021!

Also in 2021, our 35 km-distance will be a merit-race for ÖTILLÖ, which means that participating teams can collect points to climb up the ÖTILLÖ ranking list and thereby have a chance to qualify for the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championships the year after.

In Jönköping we provide a variation that few other swimruns can offer – extreme terrain with challenging climbs, fantastic views, and swimming in a number of different waters, all in one single race!

All distances start and finish on a shared course, starting from Axamo beach, outside Jönköping – to reduce the risk of crowds at the arena.

Atea Jönköping Swimrun offers two main distances:
35km – a challenging course that takes you on a tour through the west parts of Jönköping.
15km – a distance suitable for the beginner, or whoever wants a shorter race, with a flat and easy course, which can also be entered individually, as opposed to in a team of two.

On top of this we also offer a race for kids and youth (Family race), on June 6th, right before the start of the main races.

More information about the courses are available on their respective pages!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions will apply during the race. These restrictions may be updated up until race day, but currently we plan for the following main restrictions and adaptations of the race:

  • All the general restrictions and recommendations, also local ones, apply during the race – keep your distance, both to volunteers and other participants, wash your hands frequently. You will of course stay at home if you have any (even mild) symptoms of any infection.
  • There is a maximum total number of participants set to 150.V
  • In general, we do not allow spectators in order to avoid crowds, therefore please leave your loved ones at home to the extent possible.
  • Avoid queuing by arriving early to the registration.
  • The start area will be fenced in to avoid others than participants and volunteers to enter the area. Team positions in the start area will be marked with cones – allow faster teams to pick the cones closer to the start line, to avoid teams having to overtake other teams in the first run segment.
  • Keep your distance also on the race course, to both fellow participants, volunteers and the general public.
  • When finishing the race, pass as quickly as possible through the finish area to leave room for the next finishers.
  • Many things will be arranged as self-service, to minimise interaction with volunteers, including the bag drop-off tent, aidstations, and finish area.
  • No award ceremony, to avoid crowds, prices are given at the finish line.
  • If possible change and shower at home!

Below you can find an overview plan of the start and finish area of the 35 and 15km races. Start and finish of the Family race is in the same place, but with a simplified setup.