Jönköping, Sweden

About the race

Atea Jönköping Swimrun has three main distances; 55km, 35km, and 15km. In addition there are two family distances (1 and 2km), the evening before the main races. Below we provide an overview of the main race distances, preliminary timeline for both days etc.

Atea Jönköping Swimrun 2018 Race Video

Atea Jönköping Swimrun 55km is a real challenge!

The 55km distance is an exclusive competition, only accepting 10 teams – register early if you don’t want to miss it!

The course consists of 22 runs, and 21 swimming sections. Start and finish are next to Rådhusparken, at the center of Jönköping. First you will be making your way through the most central parts of Jönköping, then you will continue through the city’s cultural centres, through residential areas, and out on magical paths in our forest that reminds us of the tales and art of John Bauer. You will pass through cultural heritage sites, such as Smedbyn and the Dunkehalla ravine, running on varying types of paths; city streets, gravel roads and forest trails. The course contains a staircase of 500 steps and quite a few cruel and decisive elevations, for instance, you first run up the famous “Klevaliden” in Huskvarna and half way up you switch from running on the road to running up the alpine skiing slope! We also offer you some fantastic swimming in the crystal clear waters of lake Vättern, and the central lakes Rocksjön and Munksjön, all with an awesome audience of locals and other supporters. However, Jönköping has even more swimming to offer, you will also try out a number of our local channels, streams, ponds, and beautiful little lakes in the outskirts of the city.

In more detail our longest course, 55km, can be presented like this:

Run 45.9 km / Swim 9.35 km /531 m altitude difference

22 x Run 0.3-5.35 km / 21 x Swim 0.05-1km


Atea Jönköping Swimrun 35km is a challenge!

For those taking part in the 35km race, the course is cut in Huskvarna, thereby avoiding the steepest elevations up the Huskvarna mountain.

Details of our 35km course looks as follows:

Run 26.8 km / Swim 7.05 km / 276 m altitude difference

17 x Run 0.3-5.35 km / 16 x Swim 0.05-1km


Atea Jönköping Swimrun 15km, perfect for novices – individual and team registration!

Those who choose the 15km course will also cut the course to the west, and will thereby get a pretty comfortable race, mostly going through city streets and residential areas, but they do get a short passage through a beautiful forest as well. None of you will be able to miss the beautiful views around lake Vättern and Munksjön, regardless of which distance you choose!

Our nice 15km course more in detail:

Run 13.1 km / Swim 3.25 km / 186 m altitude difference

8 x Run 0.3-5.5 km / 7 x Swim 0.15-0.7 km




Atea Jönköping Swimrun Family (1 and 2km) – An event for the whole family!

Now the whole family can do a swimrun together! Just as in the longer swimrun races you register as a team of two people. The family-races take place in the afternoon/evening the day before the main races, i.e., on June 5th.

In our shortest family race (1km) there are two run segments and one swim. In this race one team member does not have to know how to swim, and there is no lower age limit for this participant. However, in this case the other team member has to be an adult (above 18 years) and have to be able to take full responsibility for the safety of the child/person not able to swim. Note that the swim segment is still in deep waters, however, any flotation device is allowed, e.g., anything between a life jacket and a rubber boat!

Our 2km family race has two swim segments and three run segments. It is specifically targeted at youth and others who just want to try out the concept of swimrun. Lower age limit is 13 years old (on race day) if two teenagers race together as a team. If an adult is part of the team then there is no lower age limit of the other participant. In this race it is an absolute requirement that both team members are good swimmers, and the same rules apply as in our main races on June 6th, e.g., concerning flotation devices – just as a “real” swimrun!

Schedule 2019 (preliminary)

June 5

13:00 – 19:00 Registration/race pack pick-up Stora Hotellet
15:00 – 19:00 Changing/showers/bag drop-off Friskis&Svettis City
16:00 – 18:00 Information and expo Arena/Rådhusparken
16:00 – 18:00 Childrens’ activities Arena/Rådhusparken
16:30 Start Atea Jönköping Swimrun Family Arena/Rådhusparken
18:30 Race briefing, recommended for everyone, mandatory for 55km Stora Hotellet

June 6 

06:30 – 07:30 Registration/race pack pick-up (Note! No late registrations possible) Stora Hotellet
06:30 – 18:00 Change/showers/bag drop-off Friskis&Svettis City
08:00 – 17:00 Information point Arena/Rådhusparken
08:00 – 08:20 Check-in to start area Start/Skolgatan
08:20 Grand opening/national anthem Start/Skolgatan
08:30 Start Atea Jönköping Swimrun 15-35-55km Start/Skolgatan
09:00 – 17:00 Childrens’ activities Arena/Rådhusparken
10:00 – 17:00 Expo Arena/Rådhusparken
around 10:09 First team finishes 15km Finish/Skolgatan
11:00 Flower ceremony 15km Finish/Rådhusparken
around 12:04 First team finishes 35km Finish/Skolgatan
13:00 Flower ceremony 35km Finish/Rådhusparken
13:30 CUTOFF 55km at Vätterstranden
around 14:00 First team finishes 55km Finish/Skolgatan
16:00 Flower ceremony 55km Main stage Rådhusparken
17:00 Finish closes Finish/Skolgatan

2019 race arena in central Jönköping :

Registration for 2019 is open – Welcome!