Due to the ongoing pandemic and the restrictions that will likely still remain in June 2021, we will have a new race arena and partly a new course for the 35-km distance. Please note that the new course is slightly shorter (31.9 km), but we will keep the name of the distance – 35km. Start and finish will be at Axamo beach, west of Jönköping. The start is planned as a joint start for all 35km teams at 10:00 but depending on the restrictions at the race day the start wave may be spread out even more – we will keep you updated!

35km is our longest distance, suitable for the experienced swimrunner who is looking for a real challenge. Again, this year we are proud to present that this distance (35km) is a merit race for ÖTILLÖ. All teams that complete the distance can thereby receive merit points to improve the team ranking, in order to qualify for the ÖTILLÖ World Championships. For more information about how the points are calculated and to register an account for the team, please see swimrunranking.com.

As mentioned above, the course is partly new this year and measures in total 31.9 km. The course covers mixed surfaces, including everything from asphalt streets to pathless forest, gravel roads, forest paths, and stairs. The course consists of 14 run segments (0.1-4.1 km) and 13 swim segments (0.1-1km), adding up to a total of 28.2 km running and 3.7 km swimming. The course is marked, and volunteers (as well as timing points) will be placed strategically throughout the course, however it is mandatory for participants to carry a course map (potentially complemented with the GPS-track) throughout the race, and it is the responsibility of the participants to find the right way around the course. Rescue staff are available at each swim segment.

There is a changing room with showers at Axamo beach, but please be aware that restrictions will apply (currently we plan for a maximum of two teams changing at the same time, and only one person at a time may use the showers). We therefore recommend to change and shower at home if possible. Toilets are available only in the race arena. Please arrive early for the race registration, to avoid creating queues.

Details about each course segment are provided below the overview map. There is also a GPS track for download, which you can use with a suitable app or sports watch with GPS capability. The first 7.5km are shared with the 15km race (1 lap only), hence, for a more detailed map of this part of the course, please visit the page about the 15km race. For the rest of the course we provide an overview map below, and detailed maps at the bottom of the page:

Map of the 35km distance

1RUN01,2START/ AXAMO 10:00Start near the beach
  1,2 Axamo cape/small beach north west Flat run on gravel road and path to the cape
1SWIM1,20,2Axamo cape/small beach north westSwim along the shore, around the buoy after 30m
  1,4 Axamo north/ dog beach 
2RUN1,42,1Axamo north/ dog beachRunning on a path, then the marked running path (4,7 km track, yellow marks) follow the track until the forest pool
  3,5 Mogöl east
2SWIM3,50,1Mogöl eastShort swim, cross the pool
  3,6 Mogöl west 
3RUN3,62Mogöl westRun through the forest back to the path, follow the track (4,7 km track, yellow marks) back to the arena and Aidstation 1
  5,6 Axamo beach/jetty
3SWIM5,60,5Axamo beach/jettySwim straight across the lake
  6,1 Axamo north/ dog beach 
4RUN6,10,7Axamo north/ dog beachAsphalt run
  6,8 Axamo east/beach 
4SWIM6,80,4Axamo east/beachShallow swim start, if you swim along the shore the whole swim is in shallow waters
  7,2 Axamo beach/jetty 
5RUN7,23,6Axamo beach/jetty CUTOFF 11.10Aidstation 2, run on asphalt, paths and difficult trackless forest terrain
  10,8 Västersjön north
5SWIM10,80,2Västersjön northKnown for its great water, swim along the shore, shallow, Aidstation 3
  11 Västersjön west
6RUN111,8Västersjön westRun to the other end of the lake, gravel road
  12,8 Västersjön south east 
6SWIM12,81Västersjön south eastLongest swim, enjoy! Back to Aidstation 4
  13,8 Västersjön north 
7RUN13,81,4Västersjön northMostly forest path run
  15,2 Ulftorpssjön west 
7SWIM15,20,2Ulftorpssjön west“Black lake”, bad view through the water
  15,4 Ulftorpssjön north 1 
8RUN15,40,1Ulftorpssjön north 1Short run on a path
  15,5 Ulftorpssjön north 2 
8SWIM15,50,2Ulftorpssjön north 2Second swim in Ulftorpssjön. Black lake, bad view through the water
  15,7 Ulftorpssjön east 
9RUN15,72,6Ulftorpssjön eastMixed run, gravel road, some trackless forest along the road, asphalt, paths
  18,3 Åsendammen north
9SWIM18,30,2Åsendammen northSwimming along the shore
  18,5 Åsendammen south 
10RUN18,54,1Åsendammen southAidstation 5, mixed path and asphalt run, 300 stairs downhill
  22,6 Vättern south
10SWIM22,60,3Vättern southNow you are swimming in the drinking water of Jönköping
  22,9 Vättern kanotklubben 
11RUN22,91,6Vättern kanotklubbenRecharge batteries at Aidstation 6, 300 stairs uphill awaits you
  24,5 Pojkadammen north
11SWIM24,50,1Pojkadammen northShort swim in pojkadammen
  24,6 Pojkadammen south 
12RUN24,62,1Pojkadammen southStarts with asphalt run, then paths, slight elevation
  26,7 Klämmestorpsgölen north
12SWIM26,70,1Klämmestorpsgölen northAcross the lake from the barbecue site to about 30m trackless forest
  26,8 Klämmestorpsgölen south 
13RUN26,83,7Klämmestorpsgölen southRun up the paths of Hallbyleden to Aidstation 7, then a short return to the run track and back to Axamo lake
  30,5 Axamo north/dog beach
13SWIM30,50,2Axamo norra/hundbadetNu simmar du SWIM 1 fast från andra hållet
  30,7 Axamo cape/small beach north west 
14RUN30,71,2Axamo cape/small beach north westJust RUN 1 left, back to start/finish area in our arena
FINISH CLOSES 14.30 31,9 Finish/ Axamo