Due to the ongoing pandemic and the restrictions that will likely still remain in June 2021, we will have a new race arena and partly a new course for the 35-km distance. Please note that the new course is slightly shorter (31.8km), but we will keep the name of the distance – 35km. Start and finish will be at Axamo beach, west of Jönköping. Depending on the restrictions at the race day the start waves may be spread out during a longer period of the day – we will update the time schedule as the race day draws closer!

35km is our longest distance, suitable for the experienced swimrunner who is looking for a real challenge. Again, this year we are proud to present that this distance (35km) is a merit race for ÖTILLÖ. All teams that complete the distance can thereby receive merit points to improve the team ranking, in order to qualify for the ÖTILLÖ World Championships. For more information about how the points are calculated and to register an account for the team, please see swimrunranking.com.

As mentioned above, the course is partly new this year and measures in total 31.8 km. The course covers mixed surfaces, including everything from asphalt streets to pathless forest, gravel roads, forest paths, and stairs.

Details about each course segment will be provided here later this spring. At that time we will also publish a GPS track for download, which you can use with a suitable app or sports watch with GPS capability. The first 7.5km are shared with the 15km race (1 lap only), hence, for a more detailed map of this part of the course, please visit the page about the 15km race. For the rest of the course we provide an overview map below:

Map of the 35km distance