Jönköping, Sweden

Atea Jönköping Swimrun – 5km Friends race

Atea Jönköping Swimrun Friends (5km) – A race for EVERYONE!

Would like to try a swimrun, but you can only swim using breast stroke? And you don’t own a wetsuit? Perhaps you don’t even know how a swimrun works? Stopp searching for the right venue, Atea Jönköping Swimrun Friends is made for you – Now everyone can try a swimrun!

In this race you don’t have to know a specific stroke, e.g. front crawl – the longest swim segment is only 200m. A normal bathing suit/swim shorts, and a pair of trainers/running shoes, are all you need in terms of equipment. However, we recommend that you take advantage of the swimrun rules that allow you to use a flotation device of your choice (less than 50x50cm), so feel free to bring your pull buoy, kickboard, or similar device if you are insecure when swimming in open waters!

Friends 5km is a new addition to Atea Jönköping Swimrun in 2019, and takes place on the evening of June 5th. As the name suggests the distance is intended to be enjoyed together with a good friend, but you can also race individually. The course is partly the same as for our Family distances, but contains some additional segments where you run over to Rocksjön, one of our many city center beaches in Jönköping. In total the distance is composed of 5 run segments and 4 swim segments. The same age limits and rules (except that Friends do not have any required mandatory equipment) apply as in the longer distances.

Register by May 5th to get a printed bib west! Late registration is possible until the day of the race.

Registration will open on March 1st.




1 RUN 0 1.1 RÅDHUSPARKEN/START Asphalt run on walkways and bike path around the “small lake”
1.1 Rättscentrum
1 SWIM 1.1 0.2 Rättscentrum Jump from quay, 1.5m jump
1.3 Lillsjöplan Shore exit, shallow water with big rocks
2 RUN 1.3 1.7 Lillsjöplan Asphalt run on walkways and bike path
3 Rocksjön beach Sandy beach
2 SWIM 3 0.1 East of the quay Beach start, swim around quay
3.1 West of the quay Beach exit
3 RUN 3.1 0.4 Rocksjön beach Sand-, asphalt and grass run
3.5 Knektaparken
3 SWIM 3.5 0.1 Knektaparken Beach start and finish
3.6 Kanotstadion Swim along the shore
4 RUN 3.6 1.3 Kanotstadion Asphalt run
4.9 Lillsjöplan
4 SWIM 4.9 0.2 Lillsjöplan Jump from quay, shallow water!
5.1 Bryggan Exit onto quay, ladder is available
5 RUN 5.1 0.3 Bryggan Asphalt run on walkways and bike path
5.4 Rådhusparken/FINISH