Jönköping, Sweden

Competition rules Atea Jönköping Swimrun

Every competitor participates at their own risk and is obliged to know and follow these competition rules. By registering and starting the race every participant approves and agrees to follow these rules. These rules apply to the 15, 35 and 55km distances. Some exceptions apply in our Family races, see specific information below and on the Family pages.

The race director makes decisions based on these rules before, during, and after the race, e.g., by disqualifying an athlete. The race director can choose to disqualify a participant or a team based on these rules even though disqualification is not mentioned as a consequence below. The decision of the race director is final, there is no appeal.


  • The race is done in pairs (with a maximum of ten metres distance during the whole race, for safety reasons). The only exception is the individual class participants in the 15km-distances.
  • All participants have to be at least 18 years old on race day, to participate in the 15, 35 and 55km races. The race direction can make an exemption for one person in a team, on the 15km distance, if the legal guardian of the under aged person applies for this and gets it approved by the race direction. In our Family races, other age limits apply; here there is no lower age limit of ONE team member, if the other one is above 18 years old, and if two children race together the lower age limit is 13 years old on race day.
  • For our 15, 35, and 55km races, every team member has to be able to swim and have experience from open water swimming, as well as be physically fit to race at least 1, 2, 4, or 6 hours continuously, depending on the race distance – notice that you will take longer if you are inexperienced. Note that all swim strokes are allowed in all distances.
  • For our 1km Family distance ONE of the team members does NOT need to know how to swim, if the other one is an adult taking full responsibility of their team member – please use a flotation device, such as a life jacket! For our 2km Family distance both team members need to be good swimmers (any stroke allowed, just as in all the other race distances).
  • Participants have to make the advertised cut-offs along the course and follow the instructions by race volunteers. A missed cut-off will usually mean that the participants may go on, but will complete the race on one of the shorter courses. (Everyone who finishes will get a medal, but prices and price money can only be won in the race category that you registered for.)
  • Participants have to complete their distance before the finish line cut-off time.
  • Athletes participate in Jönköping Swimrun completely at their own risk. The race organisation cannot be held responsible for potential accidents during the race, or in connection with it.
  • The athletes within the team/pair are responsible for each other’s safety.


  • Every team has to carry their own equipment from start to finish.
  • If goggles, fins or paddles break, these can be exchanged during the race (but this has to be reported by the team at the finish line, to the race secretary). If the team does not bring all equipment with them to the finish line, that they had at the start, they will automatically be disqualified.
  • Flotation devices that are above 50 times 50 centimetres are not allowed in the race, except on the Family 1km distance where ANY flotation device is allowed.
  • Fins that are longer than 15 centimetres beyond the tip of the toes are not allowed.
  • Shoes with metal spikes are not allowed.
  • The bib number that is received at registration shall be worn throughout the race, clearly visible on top of the wetsuit and/or any clothing item, and the swimcap must be worn during all swim segments.
  • The bib number (west) must not be modified in any way before the race.
  • Control of the equipment may be carried out before and after the race.

During the race

  • To be able to win the race, and receive any price money, for the 55km distance both members of the team have to attend the mandatory pre-race briefing the day before the race.
  • Each class needs to have at least two (2) teams participating, otherwise the class will be merged with the closest class on the same distance, e.g. if there is only one women’s team on 55km the women’s and mixed classes will be merged and only one set of price money will be available for the merged class. In the result list the registered class will still be written, but the merge will be performed when awarding medals and price money.
  • Every team (or individual in the individual 15km race classes) shall on their own make their way around the complete course, from start to finish. The course is marked and in certain spots there will be volunteers showing the way, but it is up to the athletes to know the course and find their way around it.
  • Outside assistance is not allowed during the race. Exceptions only for acute medical assistance. Assistance from race volunteers is allowed.
  • The teams must stay together throughout the race. The members of a team may not under any circumstances be more than 10 metres away from each other, neither on land nor in the water. The team must pass every checkpoint together, maximum 10 metres apart.
  • Teams, or individual athletes, that quit the race are obliged to notify a race volunteer of this as quickly as possible.
  • Athletes may not, when switching from run to swim, dive head first into the water.
  • A team/participant is responsible for their own garbage, which may not be left out in nature. Garbage must be thrown in garbage bins, or be brought along to the finish. Throwing garbage on the course means immediate disqualification.
  • Athletes may not try to gain an unfair advantage in any way.
  • Doping according to the Swedish RF: s regulations, chapter 13, is strictly forbidden.
  • All athletes shall treat other athletes, the race direction, spectators, race volunteers and other people in the race area with respect and courtesy. This includes before and after the race, e.g. in social media.
  • All athletes are obliged to make every effort to help another athlete that has been injured, ill, or is in need off immediate assistance.
  • If one member of a team quits the race, or is injured, the team mate is taken out of the race as well. In other words, nobody runs or swims alone (except those who are pre-registered in the individual class on the Friends 5km or 15km courses).
  • The finish time of a team is counted from the start and until the last of the two athletes passes the finish line.

Mandatory equipment (except in our Family races)

  • Wet suit is mandatory, except in the Family races, and should preferably have short arms and legs. The wet suit should be suitable for a water temperature down to at least 12 degrees.
  • A whistle is mandatory, except in Family.

Illegal equipment

  • The wet suit may not be modified with colours that dissolve in water.
  • Flotation aids that are larger than 50 by 50 centimetres, except in Family 1km where any flotation device is allowed.
  • Fins that are longer than 15 centimetres from the toe of the shoe to the end of the fin.
  • All other equipment that may constitute a danger to the athletes themselves or other athletes.

Force Majeure:

Jönköping Swimrun will call on Force Majeure in case of thunder, storm, hurricane, hard winds, lightning, bad water quality, exceptionally low water temperatures, hard currents, or thick fog. In this case the race will be cancelled. If the race is cancelled due to force majeure the race director may decide that the organisation will keep parts of, or the complete, registration fee.


The race direction has the right to change both the program and course layout as needed. 

The race direction has the right to change these competition rules up until race day. Up-to-date rules must be published in the race area and communicated to the participations at the on-site registration.