Welcome to Atea Jönköping Swimrun June 6th 2021!

Now the planning of this year’s race has begun. We intend to arrange the event, with the necessary adaptations in accordance with the current laws and recommendations based on the pandemic.

Some of the adaptations include a change of race arena, to the Axamo area outside of Jönköping, in order to avoid crowds and spectators in the arena and along the race. Thereby we will have partly new race courses – we promise an exceptional nature experience for all our participants!

Any questions regarding this can be sent to info@jonkopingswimrun.se or posted on our social media.

Best regards,
team Atea Jönköping Swimrun



Atea Jönköping Swimrun 2019

The toughest swimrun in Sweden? – welcome on June 6th 2021!

Registration is open for 2021. Also in 2021 the 35km distance will be a merit race for ÖTILLÖ, i.e., you can collect points for your team and improve your ranking to potentially qualify for the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championships next year.

In Jönköping we offer a variation that few other swimrun races have – extreme terrain with decisive elevations, fantastic views and great swimming segments, all this in the same race! The race arena will this year be located at Axamo beach, outside the city of Jönköping.

Atea Jönköping Swimrun offers two main distances:

35km – a challenging course, which is also a merit race for ÖTILLÖ.

15km – a great distance for beginners, with a flat and easy course, and where you can also race individually if you want.

On top of this we also offer races and activities for children and youth, i.e. a Family race, in the morning before the main races.

Welcome to beautiful Jönköping in June 2021!


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